Our Community, Our Schools is a non-profit group of volunteer parents, students, teachers, administrators, staff, and community members who support quality education for students in the Westerville City School District. Our objectives are to promote and pass school levies and bonds and to share the latest information about the needs and accomplishments of our students, teachers, staff, schools and community. We are proud of our home and support the connection between strong schools and a vibrant local community.


We believe we cannot afford to save money at the expense of our children and their future. Together, let’s make the value of a child’s education one of our primary community values! We support the Westerville School levy.


This website and all materials from Our Community, Our Schools are funded by private donations. Thank you to the businesses and private individuals who have donated to our efforts to ensure a quality education for our community's children.


More secure entrances at ALL SCHOOLS.


Keep a good thing going! These operating funds enable the district to maintain existing programs.


Update mechanical and electrical systems in some schools to support the use of modern equipment and technology to allow students to be more competitive in college and the workforce.


Continue to implement the redesigned middle school curriculum to prepare students for rigorous coursework in careers like engineering, medicine, and business.

Repair and renovate classroom spaces at our oldest elementary schools: Whittier, Hawthorne, Annehurst, Hanby, Longfellow and Emerson.


New schools help us manage growing enrollment (we will add 1300 more students in the next decade!), reduce classroom sizes across the district, provide students with more individualized attention, and give students a better opportunity to attend schools closer to home.


Many of our current elementary and middle schools are at or near capacity. Updated spaces and new buildings help all students by relieving pressure in buildings across the district.



I voted YES because student safety must be our highest priority. With these levy funds, all Westerville City Schools entrances will receive safety renovations and that is vitally important to me. I want to know that when someone comes to our schools they have to report to the office before entering the student population.

–Michael Wander, Parent


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