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14 of our Schools are on the Expanded List! 
The amendment expanded the list of "poor performing" schools that are now voucher eligible, including 2 of our high schools! Many of the schools added to that list have an overall rating of A, B, or C! How is that poor performance?
Ohio legislators recently passed an amendment to expand the EdChoice school voucher program. This expansion will drain funds from Westerville Schools and other Ohio public school districts....
the money we just voted to secure for our district.
Our taxpayers just voted to give our schools the money for a balanced budget and with this amendment, the legislature is reallocating our funds to private schools.
We will bleed money from our budget to pay for private school!
This expansion would give any student who attends those listed schools the option to attend private or parochial school and the state would take that money from our district to pay for those costs. This would be a huge loss to our budget.
We would lose $4650/ elementary student per year and $6000/high school student per year. That comes out to $65,000/student over their academic career, for some students that the state never provided us funds for in our own enrollment costs.
We will lose money we never received from the state!
Students ALREADY enrolled in private/parochial schools, and whom our district has never included in our enrollment and never received a dollar of state money...would ALSO be eligible to pull money to pay tuition out of our budget. 
This isn't about giving kids a choice to get out of poor performing schools.
This is raiding public school funds to pay for private schools without giving taxpayers a say in the matter. 
Contact your Rep TODAY! Let them know how much this will hurt our schools. Let them know it's wrong for Ohio Schools! 

Our Community, Our Schools is a non-profit group of volunteer parents, students, teachers, administrators, staff, and community members who support quality education for students in the Westerville City School District. Our objectives are to promote and pass school levies and bonds and to share the latest information about the needs and accomplishments of our students, teachers, staff, schools and community. We are proud of our home and support the connection between strong schools and a vibrant local community.


We believe we cannot afford to save money at the expense of our children and their future. Together, let’s make the value of a child’s education one of our primary community values! We support the Westerville School levy.


This website and all materials from Our Community, Our Schools are funded by private donations. Thank you to the businesses and private individuals who have donated to our efforts to ensure a quality education for our community's children.

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