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Gov. DeWine Says Ohio K-12 Schools Will Reopen in Fall

The state is still working on health guidelines but DeWine says, "We fully intend to have school in the fall. The goal is to have kids back in the classroom."

Local school boards will be in charge of their own start dates.

DeWine said there are more than 600 school districts, so the state's outlines will be broad, "fully recognizing" each district has different needs and different situations.

Locally, Cincinnati Public Schools says they "have been working collaboratively for the last several weeks" to figure out what school will look like this fall and their goal "is to share (their) final recommendations by the end of June."

In a letter to the community, Superintendent Laura Mitchell said CPS will move forward with a commitment to:

  • "The health and safety our students and employees

  • Academic success for all students

  • Ensuring that students are at the center of all decision making

  • Engaging with our school communities

  • Utilizing data"

Part of their plan for the fall school year includes change like requiring facial coverings for all staff, students and visitors; meals being served in the classroom; desks being situated six-feet apart; staggered arrival and departure times; social distancing on school buses; and increased disinfecting procedures.

CPS will also be offering trauma support to students who have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and they are working on a way to provide internet access to all students.

CPS is asking for community feedback on their plan — concerns, questions, comments, feedback — here.

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